Wheat Ridge Furnace Replacement

January 12, 2021

Furnace Repair vs. Furnace Replacement

Do you need a Furnace Replacement or furnace repair in Wheat Ridge?  We’re your local choice and just recently Fix-It 24/7 was hired to fix a heating issue with a local Wheat Ridge home just like yours. The customer came to Fix-It 24/7 because their furnace was emitting dangerous fumes.  It had an exhaust leak and had years of wear and tear. When Fix-It 24/7 was dispatched to the home in Wheat Ridge we diagnosed the issue with the furnace.

It  was leaking dangerous carbon monoxide and we also found that the furnace was very large for the current home’s needs. Instead of repairing it, the homeowner agreed that the Furnace had reached its’ lifespan and it was time to replace it with a new energy efficient and safe heating system. The customer decided to replace their 30 year old furnace so they didn’t have to worry about the exhaust.  At the same time they are looking forward to more energy savings during the cold Denver winter.

Wheat Ridge Furnace Installation: American Standard

he customer decided to  move forward with installing a new American Standard S8B1 Gas Furnace. This furnace provides comfort with its tubular, steel heat exchanger and patented Vortica II blower design. With its heavy steel, AirTite cabinet this furnace is durable and holds in more heat to better warm your home. The C100M5 model that was installed in this home provides 80AFUE, 80,000 (BTU/h) Output, & 4-5 tons of Nominal Airflow. With this new system installed, the customer can experience higher efficiency & state of the art heating

Wheat Ridge Heating Contractor Offers Same Day Furnace Replacement

When Fix-It 24/7 first got to the customer’s home they spared no time getting the 30-year-old unit out of the home to start the new furnace replacement. Once the old unit was expertly removed, they carefully brought the new American Standard unit into the home and put it into place.

Once the new unit was in the home, the team began to fit the home’s existing duct system to the unit and sealed off the connections to provide a strong airflow throughout the home

With the new system in place and the ducts connected snuggly, the team wired in the electricity and the controls to the unit taking care to make sure everything was connected properly. After a first run test was performed and the unit was confirmed to be working properly, the cover was put on the unit. The team cleaned up any mess that was made in the home and made sure the customer was happy and had no further questions before leaving the home.

Wheat Ridge Heating Contractor Replaces Furnace

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