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Best residential heating and cooling services in Brighton, CO

In need of dependable and quality HVAC services in Brighton? Fix-it 24/7 is here to provide you with repair, installation, and maintenance services 24/7, so contact us today to ensure that your home is ready for anything.

Why Fix It 24/7 for Heating and Cooling Services in Brighton

We know that Brighton is a small town that relies on HVAC services to get through the harsh weather. Our technicians are tested and screened so that you know that your home is in excellent hands. Here are the guarantees that back every job in Brighton:

24/7 Service & Scheduling

Our certified technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist with any heating or air circulation repairs that are needed at your home.

24/7 Emergency & After Hours Service

Our specialists are available 24/7 to cater to any emergency you might have. Additionally, we offer After Hours Service, which ensures that you can always reach our specialists at any hour of the day.

We’re Licensed, Bonded & Insured

We at Fix-It 24/7 are licensed, bonded, and insured, which means we are a name you can trust to complete your projects.

Flat Rates and Straightforward Pricing

We charge by the job, not by the hour. We also offer a $39 diagnostic fee during business hours and a $139 diagnostic fee after hours.

Background Checked HVAC Pros

All of our HVAC specialists are background-checked and drug tested to ensure that we can provide you with the highest level of customer service possible.

4 Hour Service Windows

Your time is valuable, and communication is something we value highly. As a result, we will provide at least a 4-hour arrival window on all jobs, and we will communicate any delays or time estimates to ensure that you can plan around us.

Guaranteed Service

We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Call (303) 214-0277 to get in touch with a licensed professional today.

Providing Heating and Cooling Services for Brighton, CO

Brighton is a quaint city between Adams and Weld County and is home to 39,836 residents. Brighton always has something to do with the Adams County Historical Museum, Berry Patch Farms, and Barr Lake. But as with the rest of Colorado, the weather in Brighton is not something to ignore. A reliable heating unit and air conditioner are key to making your home comfortable, and we at Fix-it 24/7 will ensure that it’s running. We provide Brighton 24/7 installations, repair, and maintenance, so give us a call today.

HVAC Services in Brighton, CO

To ensure your home is comfortable, we at Fix-it 24/7 provide 24/7 service and emergency service to the city of Brighton. Additionally, we provide installation, repair, and general maintenance on all HVAC appliances, and we make sure to give you the best service possible. 


Here is a list of services available to you in Brighton: 

  • Emergency Electrical Repair
  • AC Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Heating Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Thermostat Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  • Furnace Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  • Ductwork Repair and Installation
  • Radiant Heat System Repair and Installation
  • Forced Air System Repair and Installation
  • Water Heater Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Drain/sewage inspection and repair
  • Boiler Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Humidifier Services
  • Wiring and Rewiring


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The importance of professionally heating and cooling services

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Heating and cooling units are appliances that deal with electricity and gas-which can be quite dangerous to the inexperienced. Professional HVAC technicians can remove much of the stress and danger as they understand working with these appliances. Their knowledge will ensure that it is properly installed the first time to guarantee the longevity and efficiency of your unit.

When to consider heating and cooling maintenance services

When should you consider heating and cooling maintenance? Below are some telltale signs that you should consider maintenance before your small problem can transform into a costly repair:

Loud and Unusual Noises from Heater or AC

Loud and unusual noises result from malfunctioning equipment such as fans, loose connectors, leaks, or debris. If this continues, your heater or AC unit could suffer a more severe issue so consider a maintenance call immediately if you notice loud or unusual noises from your heater or AC.

Increased Electricity Bills

Increased electricity bills result from an inefficient system caused by loose connections or built-up debris. The consequence is that your heater will still output the same amount of energy, but you will get about 40-50% less heat than usual, which will result in higher electricity bills.

Unusual Smells and Odors

Unusual smells and odors will occur when your heating and air system is clogged, which will cause mold or mildew to grow inside of the ductwork. The unpleasant smell is a good sign that you will need to maintain your airflow system.

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Constricted Air Flow From Heating & Cooling Unit

Constricted airflow results from debris and other contaminants lodged in the duct system, inhibiting airflow and spreading harmful agents throughout the ventilation system. If left untreated, this can lead to a lower power efficiency with your heating and cooling unit as well as an increased safety hazard.

Leaks and Corrosion

Call a professional immediately if you notice any signs of corrosion or rust on your water heater. Corrosion is always a danger whenever metal is introduced to water, and if corrosion exists, your system needs to be replaced as prolonged use of your unit will cause the corrosion to spread and can result in flooding or worse

Heating Maintenance Customer Reviews in Brighton

Brian Cabrera Brighton, CO
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Barrett came out to repair our HVAC, he did an amazing job. He was extremely polite. For future maintenance we will be using Barrett.
Jazzy Piper Brighton, CO
Read More
An amazing group of people! Their work is top shelf, second to none. The HVAC techs are very professional and forthcoming. They saved my life. Had I not called them to clean my furnace, I might not be here to give my review and praise. I'm very grateful for their knowledge and stellar work.⭐
Lynn Voss Brighton, CO
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They were called in when our furnace went out. They came out, informed us we needed a new furnace. Good price. The work was done the next morning, on time. Very friendly and got it done as they promised. GREAT company and very friendly. Will refer them to everyone!

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Services in Brighton include installing, repairing, and maintaining all HVAC appliances. We are available to install a new heating or cooling unit, provide maintenance on any HVAC appliances or inspect your home for any related issues such as leaks.

HVAC maintenance involves inspecting your heating or cooling unit and checking all connections and metallic components to ensure power efficiency. Your system is then thoroughly cleaned of any debris or collected material build-up to prevent future incidents.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Heating systems such as furnaces, boilers, water heaters, home ventilation, and Air conditioning units are all examples of HVAC. 

We recommend that your AC and heating unit be serviced at least once every 12 months with older units requiring a 6-month inspection.

Yes, we provide HVAC services to Denver, Thornton, Aurora, Lakewood, Westminster, and Centennial.

We came from humble beginnings, having started as just a small family business. And while we’ve experienced growth, Fix-It 24/7 is committed to preserving the small business mentality, treating each and every customer as if they’re members of our extended family. Same day service!

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